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Find the menu of the week below.

All orders to be in by Wednesday evening.

Friday 29th May
Poppadoms (3)£1.00(V,G/F)
Veg samosas (3) £2.50(V/ contains wheat & mustard seeds)
Chicken samosas (3)£2.50(contains wheat & mustard seeds)
Lamb samosas (3)£2.50(contains wheat & mustard seeds)
Veg pakoras (5)£3.00(V,G/F)
Chicken pakoras (5)£4.00(G/F)
Onion Bhajis (5)£3.00(V,G/F)
****** New ********
Tandoori Chicken£5.00(contains dairy, chicken on the bone)
****** New ********
Chocolate samosas (1)£1.00(contains wheat & nuts)
***** New *****
Samosa Chaat£5.00(contains wheat & dairy)
***** New *****
Bhel puri£5.00(contains wheat)
Butter Chicken£8.50(contains dairy)
Chicken Karachi£8.50(contains dairy, chicken on the bone)
Fish Curry£8.50
Kheema Mutter£9.00
Chilli Paneer£6.00(contains wheat & soya sauce)
Saag Aloo£5.00
Chapatis (2) £1.00(contains wheat)
Naan (1)£1.00(contains wheat, egg & dairy)
Steamed rice£2.00(G/F)
Chocolate Brownies (4)£2.50(contains wheat, egg & dairy)
Summer BBQ Platters - Can be collected on Friday or Saturday
Option 1
Mix Meat Platter for 2 £25
2 Chicken Fillets(contains yoghurt)
2 Chicken Niblets
4 Ribs
4 Lamb Chops
2 Corn on the cob
Tub of homemade coleslaw (contains mayo, wheat & mustard)
Red onion chutney
Meat will be marinated in yoghurt, herbs and spices.
Option 2
Steak & Veg Platter for 2 30
2 Lamb Steaks(contains soya sauce)
2 Corn on the cob
Stem broccoli
The Steaks will be marinated in a homemade sauce.

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